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For over 50 years Robert LaBounty DVM, provided quality ear cropping procedures in the San Fernando Valley.  In 2012, Dr. LaBounty started planning his retirement and looked for a veterinarian and practice that he could trust to provide that same expertise and quality care. Dr. LaBounty felt that Dr. Bleifer, with over 20 years of experience in reproduction was the best veterinarian to carry on his legacy. After months of training Dr.Bleifer, Dr. LaBounty finally closed his office doors in December 2013.

Dr. Bleifer and Dr. LaBounty wanted to be sure that his clients and patients had a smooth transition as well as excellent aftercare so they decided to have Bridget and Gloria join our team. Between them both they have over 40 years of ear aftercare and taping experience.  

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What is ear crop?

Ear Crop, formally known as Otoplasty is the trimming of the pinna (ear flap) for health and cosmetic purposes in dogs. The main purpose of ear cropping is to alter the shape of the ear flap to make the flap stand erect.

Why choose Rose City Veterinary Hospital?

At Rose City Veterinary Hospital we strive to provide a breeder and breed friendly environment.  Over the past two years Dr. Bleifer has evolved Dr. LaBounty's ear crop procedure to align with the technology of today. We place a strong emphasis on pre- and post- operative pain management; and make the commitment as a team to provide the best quality care for our patients.

What breeds are cropped at Rose City Veterinary Hospital?

  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Boxers
  • Cane Corso
  • Great Dane
  • Mini, Standard, Giant Schnauzer
  • American Staffordshire 
  • Gampre Caucasian Shepherd
  • Bouvier des Flandres
  • Briards
  • Pitbull and American Bully
  • We crop 20 different breeds, as well as perform the ear drop, and implant procedures. Please call our office to check if your breed is on that list.

What should I expect?

When you arrive at our facility please sign in at the check-in window. You will be given a client registration form, Ear Crop Acknowledgement Statement, Ear Crop Admitting Form, and Ear Crop Go Home Instructions. Please take your time and read each document and sign prior to meeting with the veterinarian.

Once in the room, you and the veterinarian will discuss your pets overall health, diet, and what style of crop would best suit your pet. Once you have discussed your pets procedure, your pet will be admitted into the hospital. Our support team will place an IV-Catheter and get your pet ready for their surgical procedure. Your pet should be ready to go home between 5:00 pm and 5:45 pm. Your pet’s pick-up time is subject to change, all emergency cases take precedence to surgical procedures.

How long will it take for the ears to stand?

Aftercare can be a long process.  Ears standing involves many variables. It depends on the breed, the length of your pet's ears, the thickness of the cartilage,  as well as your cooperation.  Please know that your pet is expected to have a new ear taping weekly until their ears stand, and to remain clean and dry while in tape.  This is a commitment and will involve a team effort.

Can I tape my dog’s ears?

We do not recommend at home ear taping unless you are experienced. At home ear taping may result in permanent damage to your pet's ear. We also do not recommend watching YouTube videos that show you how to perform ear taping. We have witnessed clients follow these tutorial videos and lose the tips of the dogs ears due to improper taping technique.

What should I know when making this decision?

When considering ear taping you should know that it is a commitment that is made between you the pet owner, and Rose City Veterinary Hospital.  The desired results do not happen overnight. You may be taping for a series of months before the ears stand as desired.

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  • "Have been taking my cats to RCVH for years. The Vets and office staff have always been great. My current Vet Dr. Brickman is exceptional: she took over from my previous Vet who moved away. She is very patient and listens to my concerns regarding my elderly male cat. She is a real professional."
    Lori H. Pasadena, CA

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