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As pets age, obtaining regular examinations for them becomes increasingly important.  A number of diseases common to the aging process can be treated more effectively when diagnosed early.  Sadly, seniors are the family members who visit the doctor the least often.  After the first few years of vaccines, microchips, spaying and neutering, our furry companions tend not to be taken for annual office visits.  This often means preventable or controllable diseases do not get diagnosed until they have reached an advanced stage.  According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) only about 14% of senior pets receive regular yearly or twice yearly exams from veterinarians. 

Here at Rose City Veterinary Hospital our team of veterinarians recommends yearly office visits for adults and twice yearly visits for seniors.  Traditionally the age at which a pet is considered a senior has been seven year old.  However, this number is a general guideline and the number may vary depending upon species, size and family history (if known).  Large and giant breed dogs, for example, typically have a shorter life span and are often considered “senior” at six or even five years of age.  Small breeds with a longer average life span may not be considered “senior” until eight or so years of age.  Pets with a known family history of certain disease conditions may be treated like a senior simply for the purpose of early disease detection. 

During the senior wellness visit our team will start with taking your pets vital signs.  We will ask for a complete history including any medications, diet, supplements, exercise, behavior and any changes that you are noticing in your pet over time.  During most of our senior wellness visits we will also perform blood, urine, and fecal testing.  To facilitate this we request you bring along a fresh fecal sample and try not to let your pet void its bladder immediately prior to the visit. 

We also offer Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Hydrotherapy services for your senior companion.

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  • "Have been taking my cats to RCVH for years. The Vets and office staff have always been great. My current Vet Dr. Brickman is exceptional: she took over from my previous Vet who moved away. She is very patient and listens to my concerns regarding my elderly male cat. She is a real professional."
    Lori H. Pasadena, CA

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