Rose City Veterinary Hospital has the skills and equipment to safely care for your pet and deliver her litter during c-section surgery.

C-Section Policy

Planned C-sections:
When you know that your bitch will need a c-section because of breed, past history, risk factors or size of litter, we can schedule your surgery in advance. The c-section date(s) will be determined by the doctor according to the breeding dates, and patients’ history in conjunction with progesterone levels.

If you are planning a surgery and have been asked to come in for progesterone testing, you need to have the blood drawn by 9:30 am and have the test run STAT for faster results ($30 additional fee). The decision as to whether the c-section will proceed that day or be postponed, needs to be determined by 12:00pm in order to prevent after hours charges from being incurred. Our regular surgery hours end at 3pm.

Emergency C-sections:
Sometimes, a c-section is required unexpectedly, when this occurs, we do our best to accommodate our clients and patients according to the level of urgency. If the decision to do a c-section is made early in the day, and you arrive before 12pm, we can usually get the surgery done by 3pm and avoid after hours fees. ALL C-SECTIONS PERFORMED AFTER 3PM, OR DURING NON-BUSINESS HOURS WILL BE CHARGED AFTER HOURS RATES.

On many occasions, we can do c-sections when our office is closed, on Sundays or on holidays when arranged in advance.
After hours’ fees are charged in order for us to provide an adequate staff for the safety of your bitch and the puppies.