Reproductive Services

The breeding world can be a challenging and stressful world to enter. Our team of doctors and skilled reproduction assistants are here to help you through the entire process. Feel free to contact our office with any questions at 626-796-8387.

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Our Reproductive Services

Pre – Breeding Exams

Scheduling a pre-breeding office visit allows our veterinarians proper timing to run diagnostics testing and treatments that may make all the difference in producing a litter of live healthy puppies.

Determining Breeding Dates and Ovulation

Timing is a valuable tool in any breeding plan. It allows us to determine when to breed to optimize the chance for pregnancy, as well as achieve pregnancy in many bitches thought to be infertile.

Progesterone Testing

We recommend that progesterone testing be started between 5-7 days into the heat cycle. The progesterone tests that we run will help us to determine ovulation.

Semen Services

We are one of very few hospitals that have the Sperm Vision technology. This technologically advanced system gives a more accurate analysis of semen, analyzing motility, abnormalities and concentration.

Artificial Insemination

If an artificial insemination is a part of your breeding plan Rose City Veterinary Hospital has the tools and experience to facilitate your bitches reproductive needs.

Pregnancy Confirmation and Monitoring 

Pregnancies can be safely detected on ultrasound. This is usually best done between days 28 to 35 after the first breeding. Ultrasound can also be used to estimate puppy count and monitor heart beats.

C-Section Policy

We have a set C-section policy to ensure your pet gets the best care possible and regulate pricing.


Board-for-Breeding is an opportunity for busy owners to board the bitch from the beginning of her heat cycle until after she is bred.

Stud Services

Rose City Veterinary Hospital is a full-service canine semen bank with freezing, storing and shipping services. Frozen semen also makes it possible to breed dogs long beyond their lifetime.