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Semen Services

Our team is committed to helping you through every stage of breeding. By enlisting our semen services you can have confidence in your stud’s fertility and ship chilled or frozen semen around the world.

Semen Evaluation

Routine semen evaluations can help doctors and owners keep track of your studs fertility and can diagnose semen abnormalities. Rose City Veterinary Hospital is one of the few hospitals that has the SpermaVision technology. This advanced technology helps give a more accurate analysis of semen motility, morphology and concentration. This provides breeders with confidence that their stud can successfully impregnate females. This technology is utilized for all semen processing including chilled and frozen.

Shipment Services

Shipping bitches or stud dogs can not only be a costly and frustrating process but can cause stress to the bitch or stud which can affect reproductive cycle or semen quality. Using chilled or frozen semen makes it possible to successfully breed your bitch to a stud anywhere in the country or even around the world.

Once the stud dog owner has received notice that the bitch is ready to be bred, stud dog owner should schedule an appointment for collection. We recommend using an in-season bitch or vaginal swab (of a bitch that was in season) to help stimulate stud for a better collection.  Chilled semen is shipped priority overnight via FedEx. Semen can be stored for up to seventy-two hours (depending on semen quality), but should be used as soon as possible after collection (preferably within 24 hours). Each semen collection is assessed using SpermaVision technology before shipment. Results of the semen evaluation are included for the inseminating veterinarian’s records.  Once the semen is evaluated, semen extender is added to assist in prolonging the life of the semen.

Frozen semen can be stored indefinitely this means, a stud with excellent confirmation can be bred long after their natural life. At Rose City Veterinary Hospital, we have recently used frozen semen from a stud collected over 10 years ago and achieved excellent results. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict how well studs semen freezes until a sample has been collected and evaluated. Once semen has been frozen a test straw is thawed and re-evaluated to check motility. Our veterinarians understand how important all breedings are especially when using frozen semen. We recommend carefully monitoring the bitches ovulation timing to help increase chances of achieving a successful healthy litter.

Frozen semen is stored on site here at Rose City Veterinary Hospital. Our liquid nitrogen tanks are carefully monitored daily by our skilled reproduction coordinator.  An annual storage fee which contributes to the upkeep of the nitrogen and tanks is billed annually.

Frozen semen shipments should be pre-arranged with our reproduction coordinator. The frozen semen transfer form must be signed by the stud dog owner prior to shipment. The recipient must sign the frozen semen credit card authorization form.  Once all forms have been received by Rose City Veterinary Hospital the recipient must contact assistant to set up shipment date.

Rose City Veterinary Hospital offers convenient online forms to fill out for the domestic shipment of both chilled and frozen canine semen.

Chilled Semen ShipmentFrozen Semen Shipment